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Enrollment is ongoing at the Academy of Young Talents! With us, your little one will develop language skills and artistic abilities. Only here, in such a convenient location, will children be able to stay close to their parents and older siblings from our Musical School.



We have made every effort to ensure that our program (aligned with MEN guidelines) is enriching and engaging. We are a bilingual preschool with a unique artistic program. For children, we offer classes in English and Spanish, acrobatics, dance mix, as well as musicality and diction with voice projection.


Our facility provides space for free creativity and interest development:

  • 4 educational rooms with areas of 62 m2, 55 m2, 45 m2, and 43 m2.

  • A spacious artistic room with mirrors and specialized equipment for physical activities (acrobatics, dance, gymnastics).

  • A recording studio for additional music-related activities (voice projection, diction).

  • A large and modern playground with a garden located at the back of the building.



We understand that coming to preschool is a significant event for a young child. We want to make this change in the life of the entire family as smooth as possible. We have prepared a special adaptation program. The child gradually gets acquainted with the preschool and teachers over a few days. What does this look like in practice?

Stage 1: The child comes to the classes accompanied by a parent for a set number of hours.

At the beginning, separation is not complete, so that children can feel confident and secure in the new environment. We want them to discover that they can have an interesting day in our preschool.

Stage 2: We repeat the pattern of the first day without the parent's presence.

Children are naturally different. Each one is unique. That's why we want the child to gradually feel more confident. This time, they can experience on their own that it's fun and interesting here!

Stage 3: We repeat the pattern of the second day, extending the child's stay by a specified number of hours.

When our little one gains trust and feels comfortable with us, they can stay with us for the intended hours. They will be a full-fledged Preschooler!


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