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Kamil Śliwowski

Kamil Śliwowski

For many years, he has been connected with ballroom dancing. He possesses extensive experience as a dancer and a ballroom dance instructor. He acquired his skills under the guidance of the best Polish and international coaches. He has participated in and reached the finals of numerous prestigious dance events both in the country and abroad.

He has taken part in numerous media and stage projects (such as „Dancing with the Stars,” „Guess the Melody”), as well as commercials and other dance shows.

He has collaborated with dance groups like: „Volt,” „X-Ray,” „Flash,” „Glamart.”

Since 2004, as a dance instructor, he has conducted classes in institutions such as:

  • Isadora Duncan Dance Academy

  • M&I Sulewscy Dance Academy

  • Ireneusz Sulewski Dance Academy

  • Workshop Musical Academy

  • Young Artist Film Academy

  • Numerous preschools and primary schools

Since 2012, as a manager, he has overseen artistic institutions for children and youth:

  • Young Artist Film Academy (2012-2013)

  • Academy of Young Talents (2013-2018)

Currently, he is the owner of the Academy of Young Talents.