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Joanna Łyjak

Joanna Łyjak

Educated as a pedagogue, a preschool and early school education teacher. She has been working with children for over 5 years. She has completed numerous enhancement courses, including „Metoda Dobrego Startu” by M. Bogdanowicz, and „Dziecięca Matematyka” by Prof. E. Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska. According to Ms. Joanna, there is no single ideal teaching method. Therefore, she incorporates various forms and methods into her lessons, including the developmental movement method by W. Sherborne, play-based education – KLANZA, active music listening according to Batti Strauss, and elements of Montessori pedagogy.

She loves spending time with children, talking to them, listening, playing, teaching them new things, experiencing the world anew from their perspective, simply being there with them in challenging and less challenging situations, understanding and accepting emotions, following their needs, singing, and mutually learning.

She adores the natural sincerity, authenticity, creativity, extraordinary imagination, energy, and joy in small things that children possess.

The foundation of her work with children is the motto:

„One must give children their heart, beauty, and a smile, so that they learn to love people and everything that surrounds them.”

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