Educational Program

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We implement the MEN curriculum enriched with various educational techniques. We are a bilingual institution with a unique artistic program.

The idea behind all activities in our preschool is the integration of different skills within daily lessons. This is why we apply the immersion method, which involves immersing children in the English language. The foreign language serves children both as a means of communication and as a tool for exploring the world and acquiring knowledge about it.

Simultaneously, our artistic educators collaborate with group educators during daily learning and preschool events. They create programs and oversee activities from an artistic perspective. Our aim is for the caregiving and educational staff to directly cooperate and implement the program prepared by trainers, instructors, and artistic educators.

As part of the tuition fee, we offer:

English Language

This is the most commonly taught foreign language in Poland. This makes it easier for children to start and opens the doors to better schools in the future.

Spanish Language

An additional language. Learning this language is excellent preparation for further education in bilingual classes and gives children an advantage right from the start.


Comprehensive physical activities carried out using specialized equipment. Children will have the opportunity to improve flexibility and joint mobility, which will certainly pay off in the future.

Dance Mix

Hip hop, modern jazz, contemporary dance, or musical dance (combining different dance techniques brings children a lot of satisfaction and joy! It improves well-being and releases excess energy.)

Musicality and Diction, Voice Emission

Musicality combines rhythmics, musical activities, and ear training often accompanied by musical instruments. Diction and voice emission in our preschool are overseen by a speech therapist and actors, with the goal of shaping the correct use of voice in speech and singing (In the modern world, mastering vocal skills and ear training is very important. We will teach how to do it!)

As additional activities, we offer:

Engaging with the artistic world provides an opportunity to experience and express emotions in relation to the visible and tangible world. Research shows that artistic creativity is also significant for children as it shapes their sensitivity and contributes to the development of passions and talents. Dance, singing, and acting are activities that support the development of preschool-aged children, allowing them to express their impressions and feelings. Personal creativity nurtures imagination and provides a means of conveying information about oneself and one’s experiences.