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Welcome to our private preschool!

The Academy of Young Talents is a preschool and nursery created with great care for the youngest. Our goal is to support children in their education and daily development. A rich program of activities and a professional and dedicated staff are our way of fostering openness and a desire for learning and gaining new experiences.
prywatne przedszkole warszawa mokotów

We are a bilingual institution where language activities are conducted using the „immersion” method, immersing children in the language. Children naturally and stress-free absorb the language through play and tasks as part of their daily schedule. The foreign language serves children for communication and is also a tool for exploring the world and acquiring knowledge about it.

A significant advantage of our preschool is the artistic program, developed based on the curriculum of the Academy of Young Talents’ artistic school for children and youth. This school has been active in the Warsaw market since 2013 and gathers a professional team of educators and active performing artists (actors, vocalists, dancers). This group of individuals will also support the children in our preschool with their experience.

We believe that our preschool is a perfect fit for children with diverse interests. Our offering is directed at all children, not just those artistically gifted or interested in such topics.

Based on our experience, we believe that artistic activities enhance skills necessary in every environment. They teach group dynamics, openness, interpersonal interactions. They build self-worth and self-confidence. They teach expressing emotions and identifying personal needs.

We invite you to a place where learning meets creativity, inspiration, emotional expression, and the creation of beautiful relationships.

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Private Preschool in Warsaw, Mokotów

What Sets Us Apart?

In the Academy of Young Talents preschool, the most important thing for us is the Child. In an atmosphere of respect, we support the well-rounded development of our charges. With great attention, we observe their personalities and build a sense of self-worth. We create a safe space for pursuing interests. Every day, we support parents in their parenting journey, enabling them to:

  • Understand their children.

  • Foster their natural potential.

  • Raise them to be intelligent, confident, responsible, and empathetic adults.

  • Effectively handle everyday challenges such as getting dressed, leaving home, tidying up, brushing teeth, etc.


How does this work in our preschool on a daily basis?

  • EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT – together with children and parents, we create our preschool where everyone is a vital part of our small community.

  • TOGETHER, WE CREATE OUR RULES AND PRINCIPLES – children are more likely to adhere to rules they helped shape themselves.

  • INTERNAL MOTIVATION IS KEY – in our preschool, there are no punishments or rewards. We ensure that a child’s inner being is the source of success and satisfaction.


We blend various educational approaches and styles, selecting elements that, based on our experience, support a child’s development.

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