Nasze przedszkole

Posted: 03-12-2019

Akademia Młodych Talentów is a preschool created with great care for the youngest. Our goal is to support children in their education and daily development. A rich program of activities and a professional and dedicated staff are our way of fostering openness and eagerness to acquire knowledge and gain new experiences.

A significant advantage of our preschool is the artistic activities program, developed based on the curriculum of the Art School for Children and Youth of the Academy of Young Talents. This school has been present in the Warsaw market since 2013 and gathers a professional team of educators and active performing artists (actors, vocalists, dancers). This group of individuals will also support the children of our preschool with their expertise.

We believe that our preschool is a perfect fit for children with diverse interests. Our offer is not limited to artistically talented children or those interested in such topics.

Based on our experience, we believe that artistic activities contribute to skills needed in any environment. They teach group dynamics, openness, interpersonal relationships. They build a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. They teach expressing emotions and identifying personal needs.

We invite you to a place where learning meets creativity, inspiration, emotional expression, and the creation of beautiful relationships.