Welcome to the Non-Public Artistic Preschool in Mokotów - Academy of Young Talents!

Dear Parent!

We are proud that together we can take care of the future of your children.

Our non-public preschool in Warsaw is a bilingual institution, which means that activities are conducted in both Polish and English. Through play and daily conversations, children naturally acquire a foreign language, which serves them for communication and, at the same time, is a tool for exploring the world and acquiring knowledge about it.

Your little ones will also have a rich selection of artistic activities.

Physical and musical classes will not only bring children lots of joy and fun, but will also allow them to develop skills that are very useful in their future lives. Because creative children are happy and fulfilled children!

We combine various educational trends and styles, selecting those elements that, based on our experience, best support the child’s development.

Przedszkole artystyczne Akademii Młodych talentów Warszawa - Mokotów

We nurture children's talents and language skills!

Our artistic preschool is a place where we help discover children's talents and embark on a joyful adventure together! We develop language skills and teach openness and cooperation in a group through activities such as: dance, vocal training, acrobatics, rhythmics and musicality, diction and voice projection.

natural bilingualism proprietary artistic program experienced staff education and play excellent location Niepubliczne przedszkole mokotów - warszawa

Virtual tour of our preschool

We invite you to take a look at our facility: playrooms for preschoolers and nursery children, dance hall, recording studio:

Non-Public Artistic Preschool in Mokotów, Warsaw

Our non-public preschool in Mokotów follows the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education (MEN). Under the care of qualified educators and active artists, children develop their skills through language, dance, movement, and music classes. This combination provides excellent preparation for further development of natural talents and competencies:

  • Languages. We teach English using the immersion method, which involves immersing the child in the language. Children have constant exposure to the language during play and all activities. They learn songs, rhymes, which naturally helps them acquire a foreign language. Additionally, we also offer Spanish classes. Our goal is to provide maximum assistance in effective foreign language learning, which is most effective during childhood.
  • Acrobatics. It releases excess energy and teaches basic acrobatic elements. This lays a solid foundation for future physical activity and the basis for a long and healthy life.
  • Dance. It helps develop musical sensitivity and a sense of rhythm. It makes children fall in love with physical activity, which has beneficial effects in the future. And it brings a lot of joy to our charges!
  • Musicality. Children learn to use their voices correctly and develop musical sensitivity. Voice training is important for presenters, lecturers, language instructors, and all those who speak publicly. Vocal awareness builds authority and self-confidence.
  • Additional Activities. In addition to the core curriculum, we also offer chess and art therapy classes. This ensures the comprehensive development of our children.

Non-Public Preschool - Warsaw

Our preschool is a place where children have the space to grow and pursue their interests. We offer them:

  • 4 educational rooms with an area of 62 m2, 55 m2, 45 m2, and 43 m2. This provides plenty of space to learn and play!

  • A spacious art room equipped with mirrors and specialized equipment for physical activities such as dance and acrobatics. Children need a safe and friendly environment to develop their motor skills, sense of rhythm, flexibility, and other competencies. We guarantee that children will spend their time pleasantly and safely.

  • A recording studio for additional musical activities, providing a friendly atmosphere to develop listening skills and learn to use the beautiful instrument that is their voice consciously. Working with one’s voice is valuable in many professions, not just on stage.

  • A large and modern playground with a garden located at the back of the building, allowing our charges to simply have fun and let loose. To release excess energy, because after all, they are primarily children, right? Let childhood be a time of happiness and carefree play!


Artystyczne Przedszkole prywatne

What else should you know about the Academy of Young Talents?


The artistic preschool in Mokotów promotes a harmonious life with nature. We instill a sense of responsibility for the environment we live in. We encourage healthy eating and spending leisure time in nature. We teach that ecology is not just about words, but actions.

Healthy Cuisine

We value a balanced and healthy diet for our charges, which is why we partner with „Pełny Brzuszek” for providing meals to our institution. It’s a family-owned catering company that meets the expectations of even the pickiest eaters. The menu features seasonal vegetables and fruits, with fresh and high-quality products. There’s also the option to arrange an individual diet (gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.).

Safe and Modern Interiors

Child safety is paramount for parents, and we prioritize this aspect greatly. Our preschool and nursery are registered and included in the registry of Non-Public Institutions in the capital city of Warsaw. In practice, this means that our institution has received positive opinions from the State Fire Service and the State Sanitary Inspectorate. The preschool staff regularly undergoes training in first aid. Access to the preschool is secured, and all furniture and toys are certified.

Our Staff